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Four Advantages of Life Safety Resources


Our consultants know both sides of the built environment. The precise world of technical engineering in which life safety systems are designed and specified to meet performance-based and prescriptive code objectives. And also the real world of the construction site where intelligent decisions spell the difference between a flawed installation and flawless performance.


Our core team of construction site managers has knowledge, experience, energy and above all, the will to do right by our clients. Since we’re a small firm, we’re in position to choose quality over quantity when it comes to our people. This principle also holds true for the specialists we add to complement our scope of services. So frankly, we’d put our professionals up against anybody.


There are two ways to approach life safety. From a paper approach of technical designs, model codes and system specifications. Or from a practical what-will-work-on-a-job-site approach in which alternative means are often necessary to meet the client’s objectives. Fortunately, we understand both approaches and are able to work them into seamless solutions to the benefit of our clients and the occupants of their buildings.


At Life Safety Resources we want to do the best job possible for our clients on every project. We also pride ourselves on taking good care of our own people. What this means in bottom line terms is that if your construction management challenge can be solved for $1,000, we won’t consider you a one-time opportunity and charge $10,000. In our minds, it’s all about establishing mutually-beneficial long-term relationships.

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